kinkyeyepatchshit replied to your post: So do yer Smurf ancestors got hidden treasure or some shit, like blue hairy cooki- wait no that’s elves. Pots of pot at th’end of th’rainbow? Jew go- oh nevermind. Smart gettin’ a cat smurf ta guard their treasure till th’chosen one was born or some shit, I guess. Can’t tell ya what we gingers got, pretty sure it’s jus’ kool-aid or drugs.
Dog shit? That don’t sound too interestin’. Woulda been better off with cookies or weed. Or both. In harmony. An where th’fuck is that dawgs draws, then? This establishment sucks balls more an more if thats IT.

Are ya askin’ me where the dog went? I don’t give a shit, but last I saw it went somewhere with Tesla an’ I haven’t seen either’ve ‘em since. For all I know they went n’got hitched.


That’d be an improvement from Nnoitra, so hiI’m not gonna say anythin’.

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  1. kinkyeyepatchshit said: Ohhhhh one’a THEM huh. Least yer buddy didn’t marry no donkey’s dookiehole or anythin’. Marryin’ pie is bout th’boarderline. Or maybe booze… Good point.
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